A contest that’s really for the birds.

Introducing the 2013 Fire & Rain Twitter Contest!  (A post by David Chinn)

We want employees of F&R to be social media active for two main reasons.
So all employees of F&R are more aware of how brands are communicating to their customers via social media channels. It just makes makes us smarter.
So each of us can connect with content that is relevant to our primary role here at F&R. It makes us more aware of what is going on in our industry outside of the walls of F&R. Again, it just makes us smarter.

Starting February 1, 2013 all employees will be eligible to win prizes each time they reach a follower milestone with their twitter account. Amazing, desirable(and yet-to-be-determined) prizes awarded at 25 followers, 50 followers, 100 followers and 150 followers. (If you are using an existing account, milestone numbers will be in addition to your current followers number.)

This twitter account MUST be a professional (not personal) account.
What does that mean? We want you to use this twitter account to follow and tweet primarily industry related content. Follow other agencies, software companies, individuals who are regular content generators on topics like or similar to: advertising, design, brand developers, digital, media, medical research, social media, business development, creative directors, art directors, production artist/companies, writers, account planners, producers, meeting and event companies, post houses, lighting equipment companies, staging companies, production companies, interactive shops, freelancers, 3-d houses/artist, photographers, vendors, CLIENTS, etc. There are literally thousands of others. Any company or individual that has a major or minor connection to the industry we work in.

What this twitter account should NOT be used for: news about your pets (Amy), kids, cooking recipes, info about personal injuries or ailments, shout-outs about your favorite sports team wins or losses (although you can follow them), etc.

Where do I start?
Here are a few resources that can help:

The smarter we all are about the industry we work in and the skills we perform everyday, the better product we will deliver to our clients.

If you have any questions about how to get started or contest details please ask…
David C, Jim H. or Mike A.

Good Luck!

David Chinn


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